Priest of the Village of Barovia


A little more than a year ago, his twenty-year-old son Doru and several other villagers
stormed Castle Ravenloft in revolt, having been lured there by a wizard in black robes who came to Barovia from a faraway land. By all accounts, the wizard died by Strahd’s hand, and so too did Doru, who re-turned to his father as a vampire spawn. Donavich was
able to trap his son in the church’s undercroft, where he remained until he was slain by the party.

Some knowledge he passed on to the party:
lreena Kolyana isn’t the natural daughter of Kolyan lndirovich. Although Ireena never knew, Kolyan found her at the edge of the Svalich Woods near the Pillarstone of Ravenloft. She was but a girl then and seemed to have no memory of her past. Kolyan adopted her and loved her dearly.



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